Risk protection guarantee

An extremely important system, which must guarantee the correct functioning of all the slave systems. Installing a new pumping station requires careful study, appropriate risk assessment and correct analysis of the customer's situation. Technology and engineering must combine for the best result.

The pumping station is the most important element of any water fire-fighting system, it is the heart of the system itself, essential to guarantee the use of water at the correct pressure and at the most suitable flow rate, required by the fire-fighting systems used.
Its reliability and efficiency is therefore essential for the protection against all risks.
In the design phase it is essential to analyse not only the pumps but also the characteristics of the room in which they will be installed, both in masonry and in prefabricated structure, and the characteristics of the connected water supply.


The heart of every system

Pumping stations are the key part of any water-based fire safety system.

They are at the very heart of the system, and are crucial to guaranteeing water is deployed at the right pressure and at the right flow rate required by the fire safety systems. Its efficiency and reliability are therefore of the utmost importance for protection from many risks.

During the design phase, as well as the pumps, other things must be analysed: the features of the area they will be installed (be it in brick walls or in prefabricated buildings), and the features of the building's water supply.


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