Customized fire truck

Mozzanica has the experience to provide firefighting vehicles designed specifically for the customer.

Based on the project, it is in fact possible to integrate different systems such as the pumping station, foam lances, powder systems and twin agents. In addition, systems can be integrated with vehicles with different chassis for off-road terrain, towns, ports and airports, as well as for energy production plants, refineries, tank parks and similar areas.

The vehicles are supplied to be able to operate in environments from below 0°C to +50°C and tested to withstand saline, humid and corrosive environments.

To this end, they are also designed and built to:

  • Ensure driving comfort
  • Ensure good maneuverability despite their size or uneven roads
  • Have a structure designed for optimal weight distribution
  • Have a completely soundproof cabin


Cannon fire truck

Fire truck

Airport Fire truck