Project development and innovative technologies

The skills acquired over the years in various highly complex product sectors and our innate ability to anticipate the markets, today have allowed us to set up a new operating strategy to respond to the growing demand for multidisciplinary skills and which translates into benefits for the client.


 Project development and innovative technologies


Project development


  • Design and construction of turnkey systems for power plants
  • Fire protection of new chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • Creation of active protection systems for logistics
  • Protection of rail tankers and areas for loading and unloading dangerous products
  • Order management and final testing
  • Supplier management and logistics
  • Definition of operating procedures



  • Firefighting systems and structures upgrade to obtain the SCIA fire safety permit
  • Conversion of halogenated gas systems to new inert gas systems
  • Modifications, additions and testing of detection systems according to UNI 11224
  • Ten-year testing of inert gas systems with systems recertification
  • Modifications and additions to firefighting systems in the petrochemical, energy, oil & gas sectors
  • Dry docks and Turnkey Integrated Systems
  • Turnkey projects for Oil & Gas fire protection

Technology & Services


  • Implementation of Cloud TagIT systems for digitization and security document management
  • Implementation of Cloud SeeIT systems for alarm system management
  • Implementation of Cloud MMT systems for global management of equipment and systems on ships
  • Connection between systems and operations center for correct alarm management 24/7
  • Oxygen reduction systems
  • Thermographic analysis systems for process and storage areas
  • Fire & Gas systems for extreme environments (Off-shore and On-Shore) and with high explosive risk (ATEX, IECEx)
  • Cloud systems for the management of MMT firefighting equipment on board ships

Integrated Projects


  • Integrated fire protection of lithium and BESS battery deposits
  • Implementation of Fire & Gas systems
  • Integrated management of detection and alarm systems for the correct transmission to Mozzanica 24/7 operations center
  • Implementation of EVAC technology with fire detection systems
  • Implementation of thermographic detection with fire detection and control systems
  • Equipment for firefighting vehicles

Full Service


  • Repairs and checks on systems and equipment in Italy and abroad
  • Inspection, verification and control services for firefighting equipment and installation
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on call
  • Checks, inspections, revisions and servicing of firefighting pumps
  • Periodic verification, maintenance and testing of breathing apparatuses 
  • Control of FFA and firefighting system on board ships
  • Supply of firefighting equipment and products
  • Supply and installation of products for Industrial and Marine compartmentation

Fire Risk Assessment


  • Assistance in the drafting of the fire risk assessment document Decree of 3 September 2021 (Mini-code)
  • Assistance in the development of preliminary design of firefighting systems for firefighting professionals
  • Risk analysis and third-party inspections; dry dock supervision
  • Preparation of manuals and folders