Firefighting in the industrial sector

Manufacturing companies, work processes, equipments, investments that need to be protected. Your safety is at first place for us.



Mozzanica has always offered consultancy to its customers and their consultants on the critical issues of production cycles to provide a correct assessment of fire risk.

Risk mitigation measures are often required, being offered in the form of effective detection systems. These include thermography or air sampling systems and are often combined with active protection systems and proper smoke and heat management.


Technical areas


Technical areas


  • Electric panels
  • Transformer rooms
  • Data centers
  • Pulpits
  • Clean rooms





  • Printing presses
  • Rotary presses
  • Presses
  • Rolling mills

Processing areas


Processing areas


  • Material heat treatment areas
  • Spray booths

Storage areas


Storage areas


  • Warehouses
  • Documentary archives
  • Climatic cells
  • Silos


Food industry

For the food industry we recommend the protection of climatic cells for the storage of raw materials or finished products with oxygen reduction systems (ORS).

ORS systems are, in fact, a valid alternative to sprinkler systems as they are able to offer constant protection to the environment, supported by the presence of highly sensitive air sampling fire detection systems and an oxygen monitoring system.

ORS systems on logistics



Storage areas

For storage areas in silos, Mozzanica offers innovative solutions with thermographic monitoring capable of evaluating abnormal increases in the internal temperature of the product by reading the temperature of the external layer. This allows for rapid activation of plant safety processes before a fire can even start.

Thermography predictive systems



Scheduled maintenance and training

The maintenance of firefighting equipment and system efficiency is ensured by the Mozzanica maintenance service combined with an on-call and remote management service with our 24/7 alarm monitoring and transmission center.

The correct management of the systems and their correct use are also the subject of training provided by our team of professionals.