Fire prevention

in the waste treatment sector

The frequency of fires in this market is constantly increasing.
This fact has made operators in the sector, engineering firms and standardization bodies reflect more deeply on the main sources of ignition, addressing production cycles and machinery to reduce the risk of fire by introducing new standards to better manage fires starting from this initial phase. 



Fire prevention in the waste treatment sector

Mozzanica has dealt firsthand with companies that store, treat and process waste. For example, waste deriving from an urban recovery cycle or chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis processes or waste that is generally hazardous and particularly flammable. We work to understand the possible sources of ignition and the logistical and operational criticalities, offering solutions for risk mitigation.

Mozzanica's Research and Development division provides integrated solutions for fire detection in processing and storage areas. Our automated and manual extinguishing systems allow operators to intervene effectively in the outbreak of a fire.





Thermography is undoubtedly the most effective method for monitoring storage areas, both outdoors and in a bay or bunker.

The use of radiometric thermal cameras and associated analysis software guarantees a precise reading of temperature. This provides essential data to understand the behavior of the stored material and allow the rapid intervention of separation, extraction by mechanical means or activation of extinguishing systems before the ignition has occurred.




Mozzanica's solutions

 Here are some of the integrated solutions proposed by Mozzanica:

  • Thermographic detection
  • Fire detection and manual signaling systems
  • Automatic pointing monitors
  • Sprinkler, deluge and foam firefighting systems
  • Water mist turbines (combined or full jet)

In addition to the systems described above, Mozzanica provides:

  • Firefighting products
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Man down devices for lone workers




To complete its services, Mozzanica provides maintenance management of firefighting systems and equipment, and remote monitoring and management of the state of alarm and fault status through a certified operations center with a 24/7 on-call service.