Sprinkler systems are still currently the most common and effective fire protection systems. With millions of installations around the world, statistics demonstrate that fewer than 3 sprinkler heads are enough to control 50% of fires, and 9 are enough to control more than 80%.
Although the purpose of a sprinkler system is not to directly protect the people involved but to control the fire, by preventing the fire from spreading and allowing the emergency teams to intervene safely, it still guarantees high effectiveness in terms of occupant protection.


Sprinkler systems



Mozzanica designs and installs sprinkler systems in Italy and abroad for the protection of production departments, including classic or high-stacking and automatic vertical warehouses.

The Project Managers and Site Managers team takes care of all phases of realization of the systems, up to their testing and activation, relying on specialized international partners for the prefabrication of pipes, supports, and the subsequent construction of turnkey systems.

Mozzanica communicates directly with insurance companies and with firefighting professionals to evaluate the best solution in terms of effectiveness, practicality and cost-effectiveness, while maintaining the high-quality standard that distinguishes it in the market.

After the delivery of the system(s), the service team provides all after-sales services, such as periodic maintenance and interfacing directly with our operations center for the management of the system's events.



Based on the characteristics of the ship and the type of risk, the Marine Team analyzes the best solution to implement in compliance with relevant international regulations.

The Project Manager assists the customer in each phase of the process according to the technical specifications of the project. Subsequently, after choosing the most suitable technical solution, we proceed with the design phase, procurement of materials, pre-assembly in the factory, and subsequent turnkey installation directly on board.  

Thanks to agreements with the most important manufacturers, Mozzanica is able to supply a complete range of certified materials with all the necessary guarantees required by various customers. The team in charge of work on board is managed by a supervisor who interfaces directly with the project manager and customer.

Mozzanica protects all risks on board:

Class A-C fires

  • Accommodations
  • Other areas

Reference regulations:

  • IMO Solas
  • FSS Codes
  • Flags regulations
  • Class regulations
  • Customer specifications

Marine sprinkler systems

Oil & Gas sprinkler systems

Oil & Gas


Mozzanica has expertise in all the different solutions that can be applied in this context:

  • Dry systems
  • Pre-action systems
  • Wet systems
  • CMSA, ESFR Systems

Our Project Managers maintain a dialog with the Main Contractor, follow the prefabrication phases in the workshop and monitor deliveries and on-site installations.

Reference regulations

  • NFPA 13
  • NFPA 20
  • EN 12845
  • FM Global Data Sheets
  • Customer specifications