Packaging, plug-in and customization

Quality is our trademark - a modus operandi to improve internal processes and always ensure the best performance of our systems and maximum efficiency.



 Within 3,200 square meters of area, we carry out the following activities:

  • Workshop and assembly
  • Mechanical and electrical assembly
  • Varnishing
  • Intermediate testing
  • Internal tests and external inspections

We often respond to very different construction specifications, depending on the specific needs of the market we cover, from industrial to food, from marine to oil & gas.


The competence and constant dialog between the technical department and purchases and production allow us to respond effectively to the requests of our customers, achieving high-quality standards and full compliance with agreed delivery times.   



Firefighting equipment

In our workshop, we assemble firefighting equipment. Thanks to the CO2 and powder charging lines, we ensure the correct revision and filling of fire extinguishers and mobile firefighting vehicles. We then proceed with the construction or assembly of wheeled powder or CO2 systems, twin agent systems, or mobile foam systems.


We build and customize containers for the storage of hose reels, hydrants, and foam mixing systems in painted steel or stainless steel. When necessary or required, they can be combined with insulating and fire-resistant panels to guarantee compliance with the customer's technical specifications and the life cycle defined for the specific environmental characteristics.


Packages for powder systems and inert gas and CO2 systems

Within our workshop we produce packages for powder systems, Inergen or inert systems and CO2 systems. These are customized according to the painting cycles requested by the customer, the utility models needed within them and the interfaces required for a correct dialogue with the host system.


Pre-engineered packages

We provide pre-engineered packages encoded with unique QR-Codes and combined with exclusive digital cloud systems which are provided separately as a maintenance service. This allows for the consultation of project documentation directly on-site guaranteeing that connection schemes, resistance values for the correct interfacing of the systems, and manual use and maintenance are always at hand.