The evolution of Water Mist technology is leading to developments in air saturation and the ability to penetrate fog in closed cabinets (such as electrical panels). This is bringing the performance of these systems closer to those of gas (compared to which they have the undoubted advantage of not being dangerous for humans).
Water Mist systems must be designed, installed and maintained only by qualified companies. Their use is limited to applications that have been specifically tested or for which the findings from test results of other applications are deemed acceptable by the supervisory authority.



Industrial water mist



Spray water systems are especially efficient when there is a need to protect high value-added goods, thus ensuring functionality, reduced water consumption and the preservation of the goods.

The evolution of Water Mist technology is bringing new developments in the saturation of environments and the mist's ability to penetrate in closed cabinets (such as electrical panels), performing almost like a gas system.

Mozzanica offers support in the engineering phase to identify the most suitable system from those available on the market today based on the identified risk and the manufacturers' test reports.

In addition to widespread use in historic buildings, museums, hotels and theatres, there are also impressive applications in the industrial sector:

  • Spray booths
  • Manufacturing departments
  • Data centers
  • Control rooms

Mozzanica's services include the design, turnkey implementation, and after-sales maintenance services, with the support of technical staff from partner manufacturing companies.



In marine environments with their narrow, limited spaces and peculiar working conditions, Water Mist systems certainly represent one of the best solutions.

The possibility of having pump units, tanks with reduced dimensions and a system of pipes sized for the various types of risks on board, allows for the control of fires of various risk classes. In particular, the possibility of limiting the damage after discharge is certainly a positive factor.

Here are some of the environments where we install Water Mist systems:

  • Localized application for internal combustion machines in Category A spaces
  • Total saturation for the protection of category A machinery spaces
  • Engine rooms, turbines, electrical panels and other enclosed spaces
  • Kitchens
  • Pipelines
  • Public spaces, corridors and cabins

Reference regulations

  • IMO Solas
  • FSS Codes
  • Flags regulations
  • Class regulations
  • Customer specifications

Marine water mist

Oil & Gas water mist

Oil & Gas


Transformers, BESSs, turbines, compressors, and thermal power plants are some of the environments suitable for the installation of Water Mist systems.

Water Mist is therefore one of the best choices for fire protection in terms of people's safety, business continuity for the client and as an alternative to gas system protection. Above all, we highlight the system's unique ability to mist water, effectively absorbing heat and hindering the supply of oxygen.

Reference regulations

  • NFPA 750
  • NFPA 855
  • EN 14972