Inergen® inert gas firefighting systems

The Inergen® IG541 inert gas systems provided by Mozzanica are currently the most environmentally friendly fire fighting solutions due to the mixtures of natural, ecological, and zero-impact gases.

The birth of the Inergen® gas mixture dates back to 1974 and has been immediately applied as an extinguisher in the fire-fighting sector because it uses natural gases with no environmental impact, with GWP (Global Warming Potential – contribution to the greenhouse effect of gas) and ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential – contribution to the degradation to the ozone layer) equal to zero.

Its patent have qualified it as a clean agent ensuring this system for human health.

It is an innovative approach, certified according to NFPA 2001, ISO 14520, and UNI EN 15004 standards, and is genuinely considered a safe solution compared to other gaseous fire protection solutions . The Inergen® gas is based on making the ambient atmosphere inert to a level where combustion cannot occur, which eliminates the possibility of igniting fires and at the same time guarantees the survival of personnel in the environment to be protected.

Mozzanica is the Italian distributor of Fire Eater - Inergen® systems.

Fire Eater, is a Danish company with considerable know-how, 100% dedicated to natural gas extinguishing systems for industrial applications, and is a world leader in the development of environmentally friendly systems.


Naturally inert atmosphere


The Inergen® gas mixture is a mixture of non-liquefied compressed gases, made of nitrogen (52% N2), argon (40% Ar), and a small amount of carbon dioxide (8% CO2), which inhibit combustion in less than 40 seconds due to the absence of oxygen.

These gases do not lose their extinguishing effectiveness when exposed to high temperatures and do not produce harmful and/or corrosive by-products, thus allowing good visibility during the discharge phase in their environment, without stratifying or producing thermal shocks.

Inergen® gas is approved by more than 24 international recognized bodies: RMRS, MCA, DBI, QCD, Svensk Brand & Säkerhetscertifiering AB, PZH, UL, LPCB, EMI, ZÚS, ABS, CNBOP, FM Global, VNIIPO, Siglingastofnun, DNV, CPD, Bureau Veritas, LRS, GL, BCD, DNV/GL, Søfartsstyrelsen, and Intertek.

How the Inergen® gas fire-fighting system works

In the event of an alarm detected by the detection systems, the ventilation inside the room is automatically shut down, and a countdown is triggered, that activates the Inergen® extinguishing system only in the area affected by the fire.

While Inergen® gas is released into the environment, the oxygen concentration quickly decrease from 21% to an optimal value of 12%, which naturally inhibits the spread of fire and any re- ignitions and in less than 40 seconds extinguishes any fire outbreak but allows the personnel in the environment to breathe effortlessly and evacuate in complete safety.


SV22 directional valves

Inergen® gas pressure regulating zonal valves (60 bar) managed automatically by the control panel guarantee a constant flow of gas throughout the discharge, without pressure peaks. Inergen® directional valves are installed between each protected space and the IG-541 bottles. Once the opening by pneumatic actuation, the dedicated directional valve, allows gas to flow into the protected space.

Control Panel

This is the control unit of the system. The entire process, from the activation to extinguishing the fire, is coordinated by this unit.

It is self-monitoring and ensures that the entire system is well-functioning and ready for use.

Inergen® Gas cylinders

Inergen® gas is stored in gaseous form in pressurized cylinders of various sizes at a pressure of 200 bar and 300 bar, which can be placed inside the protected room or in special technical rooms.

If the pressure in a cylinder drops, the control panel automatically displays an alarm. This ensures that the system is always operational and monitored.

Detection systems

Optical and/or thermal smoke detectors or, in case of very early detection, aspirating smoke detection systems.

Manual activation buttons

Push Buttons to allow manual activation of the system by personnel.

Alarm and signage systems

Acoustic and visible voice alarms (e.g. EVAC systems) and illuminated signs for emergency ways.

Overpressure dampers and auxiliary accessories

The fire dampers are installed into the enclosure so that unintended pressure build-up is avoided, and lot oxygen concentrations are avoided.

Automatic closing systems for doors and/or windows and suction dampers can also be installed.


One gas, many applications

The Inergen® gas protection system is characterized by its ability to operate in particularly high- risk areas or in highly complex situations, where traditional firefighting systems cannot guarantee a sufficiently high level of safety or are not compatible with the quality standards that the environment to protect requires.

The Inergen® system is particularly suitable where technical, architectural or aesthetic constraints do not allow the installation of conventional fire-fighting systems, or in specific settings where the assets to protect have a very high economic and/or cultural value, such as historical archives and/or museum areas, where other fire protection systems would cause significant damage to the property.

In addition, people are also protected by this system, as its natural formulation does not inhibit breathing, allowing them to evacuate the environment safely.

The advantageous characteristics of Inergen® gas protection systems allow them to be used in a wide variety of product sectors that share the need to ensure operational continuity, maximum intervention speed and safeguarding of assets.

Warehouses and deposits

Server rooms



 Museums and galleries


 Off-shore and On-shore

 Oil & Gas

Advantages of the Inergen® system

  • Zero environmental impact
  • Non-corrosive to protected materials
  • No need to filter the air in the protected environment
  • Excellent visibility during discharge
  • Safeguarding people and the assets protected
  • Continuous monitoring of the system
  • Low cost of extinguisher
  • Cylinders can be stored in areas far from the protected environments
  • Flexibility of design and installation
  • Small gas lines not under pressure


Inergen Gas Systems

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