The extinguishing agent NOVEC 1230 / FM-200 is also a clean agent, stored in cylinders in liquid form. It is environmentally friendly and is not subject to degradation and consequently does not need to be replaced for decades.
Once released at room pressure, it becomes a gas, subtracting heat from the flames. In addition, its saturation removes free radicals and oxygen available for combustion. It is an effective agent for Class A, B and C fires, does not react with chemicals, water or moisture and is electrically non-conductive.
Compared to other extinguishing systems, it is suitable to saturate enclosed environments (within 10 sec from activation) and to penetrate inside cabinets, cavities, or hard-to-reach spaces, and because it is harmless to humans, it can be released without having to wait for evacuation, minimizing downtime after activating the system.






The characteristics of extinguishing agents such as NOVEC allow it to effectively protect environments, preserving protected property without a risk to people. Its applications to protect electrical panels on machines are very impressive.

Classic solutions are available with electronic detection systems and automatic shutdown with solenoids on board the cylinders. The multizone version is capable of protecting multiple rooms with a single battery of cylinders, or as a stand-alone version.

Typical uses for this protection system are:

  • Server farms
  • Data centers within companies
  • Electrical panel rooms

For stand-alone versions, solutions with thermo-fusible piping are very effective, and in fact have a dual function: detecting a fire, due to the thermal effect of fire or overheating of electrical equipment inside switchboards; and distributing the extinguishing agent through the release of NOVEC from the hole the fire generated in the thermo-fusible piping.

Very efficient for:

  • CNC machine panels
  • Electrical panels of machinery
  • Military vehicles
  • Electrical control panels


These solutions are interesting: since they do not require a detection system, they have an interesting cost benefit ratio, including for their maintenance after installation.



The quick response prevents extensive damage due to fire spread and minimizes combustion byproducts; in addition, relatively small amounts of extinguishing agent can be stored, as a relatively low concentration is required, thus saving space.

System applications

  • Engine compartments
  • Electronic equipment
  • Electrical generation and transmission equipment
  • Bilges
  • Closed technical cabinets
  • Storage areas for flammable liquids
  • Loading spaces


Reference regulations

  • IMO Solas
  • FSS Codes
  • Flags regulations
  • Class regulations
  • Customer specifications


Oil & Gas


NOVEC systems are widely used especially in offshore extraction plants where they represent the best compromise in terms of speed of intervention and minimum installation spaces.

The system is designed based on the customer's specifications, and can also be installed in high-risk environments with the possibility of pre-assembly in the workshop.

NOVEC gas offers excellent environmental compatibility by replacing the halogenated gases used in the past and eliminating the environmental impact in terms of the greenhouse effect and threat to the ozone layer. In addition, NOVEC gas has no toxic or harmful effects on humans.

System applications

  • E-Rooms
  • E-Houses
  • Transformer rooms
  • Server rooms


Reference regulations

  • NFPA 2001
  • EN 15004
  • FM Global