Firefighting equipment and passive fire protection are the first steps in managing an emergency. With its presence on the world market, Mozzanica can offer solutions both in Italy and abroad.



Fire extinguishers

The long-standing relationship with major Italian and foreign manufacturers allows Mozzanica to supply a wide range of fire extinguishers, loaded with the most suitable types of extinguishing agents for every purpose:

  • Powder (Class A, B, C, D)
  • CO2
  • Foam
  • Water-based
  • Lithium battery fire protection powder


Our teams and warehouses in Europe and the United States always have materials in stock.

We also have competence and process certifications that attest to the capabilities of our Industrial and Marine Team to carry out the assistance, maintenance and tests necessary to ensure our firefighting devices function perfectly.




Firefighting equipment


We offer a diverse range of firefighting equipment and professional and life-saving clothing of the highest level, designed for high-risk environments in the Industrial, Marine, and Oil & Gas sectors.

Staff dedicated to first interventions are guaranteed to use high-quality materials certified in accordance with European, MED, and non-EU standards.

Doors, fire doors and escape routes


Sale, installation and repair of doors, fire doors and escape routes.

Decades of experience and collaboration with all major producers, both Italian and foreign, are at your disposal.

Our warehouses and logistics allow us not only to have complete stock of every spare part, but also to send equipment throughout Italy and the world.

Teams specialized in setting up and servicing new systems will ensure high-quality installation and maintenance.


Fire dampers for air ducts


Mozzanica guarantees the sale, installation and maintenance of fire dampers for the extraction/air intake and ventilation systems of ships, preventing the spread of fire, smoke and gas inside the air ducts.

 The dampers are:

  • Appropriately sized according to the pressure to which the system may be subjected
  • With characteristics that make them suitable for the conditions they may face (aggression from corrosive substances, vibrations, shock waves, flooding of ducts, etc.)
  • Equipped with aerodynamically profiled blades
  • With pneumatic or electromechanical actuators
  • Integrated into the ship's control and supervision system
  • Installed in accordance with SOLAS and IMO FTP standards

Hardware and software integration of signals and commands on the ship system

In order to monitor the precise status of each individual system, Mozzanica offers centralized monitoring of all control instruments, thanks to an on-board supervision system, which connects all the safety systems of the ship.

The objectives are to:

  • Immediately inform the Officer in charge of navigation of any failures
  • Prevent the failure of any other subsystems
  • Operate each individual piece of equipment or part of the system separately

Our staff will then perform all periodic operational checks.




A wide range of signage (danger, obligation, firefighting, etc.), information and instructions to guarantee the safety of people on board.

Messages are also written in multiple languages and templates are available on request:


  • "Elegance" option for special and sophisticated areas
  • Photoluminescent, for poorly lit environments




A range of fixed or portable breathing air compressors can be installed in Industrial, Marine and Oil & Gas environments.

Reliable and robust, with high corrosion resistance, they are ideal for respiratory protection equipment, and based on the chosen model, they can be easily transported by a single individual.