Deluge and water spray systems use water in large quantities simultaneously throughout the protected space.
Depending on the chosen nozzles, the water flow can be diffused uniformly by rain or be directed (in this case, we are talking about water spray systems) through suitable deflectors. These have a specific shape and speed to achieve an effective range that reaches specific points in the protected area.
For the protection of oil storage, high-speed or "emulsifying" nozzles can be used in which the size of the droplets, their ability to penetrate the flames, and the shape of the jet allow the water to hit the oil that is not yet burning, creating an oil-water emulsion that removes fuel available to the fire.





Mozzanica is able to develop new turnkey projects, expansions, and revamping adhering to the best-known regulatory standards to secure and protect process areas, tank farms, dangerous goods loading and unloading areas, and hazardous or flammable materials processing and storage areas.

The company uses all the latest technology on the market today to optimize its solutions and systems.

Some examples of new technological solutions proposed by Mozzanica are: 

  • Automatic aiming and recognition monitors that employ water jets to reach at-risk areas identified by advanced thermographic systems;
  • High-efficiency turbines that combine the advantage of water misting with the long reach of a full jet. 

All the solutions defined by the new "Fire Prevention Code" as "alternatives" have been studied, designed and are backed by our technical staff.

Valve packages and control centers for monitors may be built on site or prefabricated in the workshop to be more easily positioned and installed on site.




Based on the characteristics of the ship and the type of risk, the Marine Team analyzes the best solution to implement in compliance with relevant international regulations.

The company uses all the latest technology available on the market today to optimize its solutions and systems.

Some examples of new technological solutions proposed by Mozzanica are:

  • Water spray systems of dimensions specific to the type of risk to be protected
  • Manual or remote-controlled monitors of dimensions specific to the type of risk to be protected

The project manager is able to assist the customer in each phase of the ordering process according to the technical specifications of the project. Subsequently, after choosing the most suitable technical solution, we proceed with the design phase, procurement of materials, pre-assembly in the factory, and subsequent turnkey installation directly on board.

Thanks to agreements with the most important manufacturers, Mozzanica is able to supply a complete range of certified materials with all the necessary guarantees required by various customers. The team in charge of work on board is managed by a supervisor who interfaces directly with the project manager and customer.

Mozzanica protects all risks on board:

Class A-C fires

  • Hangars
  • Flight deck
  • Critical machinery areas
  • Outdoor areas on open decks.

Reference regulations:

  • IMO Solas
  • FSS Codes
  • Flags regulations
  • Class regulations
  • Customer specifications



Oil & Gas


Mozzanica is able to design, supply and install different types of deluge systems.

The process starts with defining the objectives of the main contractor and continues with the sizing of pumps, valves, and components, which are established based on the hydraulic calculations carried out. The entire process is supported by extensive technical knowledge and established relations with leading manufacturers.

On-site installation times are reduced with the help of pre-assemblies in the workshop, where valve and pump skids are designed and manufactured for extreme environments (desert, wet, arctic, ATEX, etc.)

Typical applications are installed to protect:

  • LNG deposits
  • Crude oil deposits
  • Fuel/flammable liquid deposits
  • Refineries
  • Extraction plants
  • Hydrocarbon process plants
  • Energy production plants
  • Transformers
  • GAS turbines

Reference regulations

  • NFPA 15
  • NFPA 20
  • UNI CEN/TS 14816
  • Customer specifications