The risks present in a pharmaceutical company, the dangers of a petrochemical plant, and the scenarios that may arise in the event of a fire on board a ship must be managed with the right equipment.
To this end, Mozzanica offers a wide range of products to deal with these situations.





Lightweight and practical fall arrest harnesses, one size fits all or adjustable, and equipped with anchor points, padding for comfort, and high durability. Available in multiple sizes and fully compliant with the main EU and non-EU regulations.



Hard hats


Hard hats are compliant with the main reference regulations and available in different options, with working requirements taken into consideration.

Different colors can be combined with a variety of accessories:

  • Face shields
  • Lightbulbs
  • Nape protection
  • Interphone systems

GSM devices for man down and dead man


Designed for all categories of workers at risk (lone workers, security, heavy industry, oil & gas, etc.) they protect the isolated worker by transmitting manual and automatic alarms.

The devices offered by Mozzanica represent excellence in protecting individuals guaranteeing an organization's compliance with current regulations on health and safety of lone workers, and allowing a real and significant reduction in risk.

They are designed and manufactured in Europe (Finland), certified IP67 dust-waterproof and shock resistant, and equipped with an SOS button and advanced Mandown++ system (man on the ground alarm, non-motion, violent fall and impact).

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and EEBD


Self-contained Breathing Apparatuses (SCBAs) and Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBDs) are essential personal protective equipment for high-risk activities.

Shipping companies and industries rely on our considerable experience and established partnerships with the world's leading suppliers of these devices in order to define the exact specifications of equipment and guarantee supply, training and maintenance.

In fact, the company has been managing the maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatuses for years and has recently created dedicated laboratories, both at the new Osnago plant and at West Palm Beach. We also have mobile units that allow control operations directly on board in any location.

Portable gas detectors


For our customers, Mozzanica provides portable devices that can detect, measure, monitor and react to any gas in the immediate surrounding area.

We also provide adjustment and calibration kits to enable functional tests and automatic calibrations with reduced gas consumption and short test times.

We know these products very well as we first use them with our operators, particularly if engaged in maintenance operations in high-risk companies or RIRs where dangerous and toxic atmospheres are present.

Life jackets


The life jackets supplied by our Marine Team are accompanied by a rigorous inspection and maintenance service to verify the functionality of valves, watertight seals and flotation systems. It is also important to check the expiration date of materials and the state of wear of safety clothing and packaging, ensuring their protection levels and preserving their suitability.

Each life jacket must be fitted with a whistle securely attached by a lanyard, a bright light to make it more visible to rescuers, and a buddy line or other means of attachment to a lifejacket worn by another person (in order to not disperse people at sea).

Immersion and survival suits


An immersion, survival or rescue suit is clothing that is worn specifically for the purpose of staying afloat and surviving during emergencies on the high seas.

Generally made of neoprene, the suit is waterproof and can withstand extreme water temperatures. Furthermore:

  • To facilitate the identification of an individual it is usually red or orange and fitted with retro-reflective tape.
  • They can be insulated, non-insulated or wearable with a life jacket.
  • They must be comfortable to wear, allowing the person to move and have good visibility.
  • They can be supplied with a whistle, emergency flashlight, pocket for VHF transceiver or buddy line which can be used to connect more people together at sea.


In fact, these garments must be periodically maintained to identify the deterioration of their watertight seal.

 Our Marine Team can manage the pressure tests according to IMO and SOLAS regulations and the shipping company's specifications.