Firefighting in the

Energy and Oil & Gas


Systems for the production of electrical and thermal energy, and inshore and offshore oil & gas installations for the extraction and processing of hydrocarbons require specific skills in the field of fire risk prevention as they are highly complex sectors, subject to very stringent regulations and different from country to country.
In order to operate in these areas, technological and organizational know-how must necessarily be of the highest level in order to guarantee compliance with the required regulatory standards.



Standard compliant solutions

The Mozzanica Oil & Gas division has a dedicated and highly specialized team of designers, consultants and installers who can operate anywhere in the world. They provide not only turnkey solutions and firefighting products, but also consultancy and support activities to the client, adhering to the main regulatory standards such as: SIL, UL, NFPA, and EN.


Fire protection

Mozzanica adopts the main fire protection systems, including:

  • Fire & Gas Systems (conventional, addressable, suction, etc.)
  • Fire Protection Systems (Novec fire extinguishing systems, Inert Gas, Wet Chemicals, etc.)
  • Snuffing systems
  • Patented Oxygen Reduction Systems (ORS)
  • Lithium battery protection systems (BESS)


Equipment, devices and training

We can also provide:

  • Firefighting equipment (fire extinguishers, hoses, hydrants, etc.)
  • Personal protective equipment (helmets, gloves, boots and fireproof suits for First Response teams)
  • Systems for the protection of the respiratory tract (SCBA)
  • Special equipment for first aid (gas detectors, devices for man down detection, etc.)
  • Preparation of emergency vehicles
  • Consultancy and training



Ship owners and crew of technical ships and FPSOs are trained by the Mozzanica team on the use and management of firefighting systems and equipment, and on passing inspections by control bodies.