Fire protection in the Energy
and Oil & Gas

Energy production facilities and onshore and offshore Oil & Gas installations are sectors where the delicate and high-risk nature of the activities requires specific precautions.

Successfully ensuring safety aspects of both goods and people in sectors such as Oil & Gas requires a certain level of technological and organizational know-how, which must be multidisciplinary and of the highest level in order to guarantee compliance with the regulatory standards that the sector requires, operational continuity of plants and infrastructures, and to protect people.

Project development and innovative technologies for Oil & Gas

Since 1987, Mozzanica has been providing innovative fire protection solutions in systems and services, diversifying its offerings across key sectors to anticipate market needs.

Mozzanica is a single provider that combines all the skills and know-how necessary to adopt the best technologies for fire detection, prevention and the safety of people, while also providing effective, widespread and comprehensive technical/logistical support that guarantees speed of execution in the main production sectors in the land, marine and oil & gas fields, certified according to international standards and codes.

Petrochemical Industry

Gas Production

Off-Shore Platforms

Storage Sites

Processing Plants


Gas pipelines and Oil pipelines


Oil Terminals


Power Plants


Turnkey installation solutions

From the preliminary evaluation to engineering, from the construction and installation to supervision and turnkey delivery, Mozzanica can manage highly complex projects thanks to its in-house team of qualified technicians and to its supply chain for workshop and supply management.

Project development

The Mozzanica design team, in collaboration with the client's technical offices, researches and adopts the best available solution for risk mitigation, using calculation software for structures and plants and 3D CAD modeling platforms for rendering models.

In the case of projects in territories with high seismic risk, special technologies are adopted that allow the firefighting systems to operate even in the event of an earthquake.

In addition, any project can be integrated with the proprietary CtRM digital multi-platform technology, developed in the cloud for remote control, management and advanced maintenance in fire protection systems.

Construction and installation

In the production areas of our Italian headquarters, assembly activities of systems, assembly of mechanical and electrical parts, painting, intermediate tests on components, and tests with external inspectors are all carried out on a daily basis.

Customized packages are created with the utilities and interfaces necessary for proper communication with the Data Control System. Upon request, they can be equipped with unique QR-Code encodings paired with the CtRM platform, which allow for online access to project documentation and contracts.

Supervision  and Handover

Project supervision is entrusted to highly qualified Project Managers with interdisciplinary skills who, following the protocols of the ISO 45001 management system, constantly optimize and monitor compliance with schedules, personnel safety, and correspondence with insurance and regulatory authorities.

In addition, in collaboration with designers, consultants and installers, they assist the client in third-party inspections, compliance audits, the management of manuals and technical documentation, as well as contractual, management and organizational aspects.

Supply chains and mobile workshops

The organization of the supply chain and logistics is entrusted to the internal purchasing managers and planners who have two spare parts and equipment warehouses in the Mozzanica offices and teams of installers and maintenance technicians who, thanks to mobile workshops in containers, can reach any part of the world in an extremely short time.

Service and maintenance

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities are entrusted to Mozzanica's highly specialized and qualified technicians, who are able to operate worldwide 365 days/year, and ensure required regulatory compliance and the operational continuity of the systems and equipment.

They carry out periodic maintenance checks on plants, systems and apparatuses; monitoring of plant alarm signals through a certified operations center; specialist activities; management of critical spare parts; and computerized management of maintenance interventions.

Plant safety and staff health

To ensure safety in the environments where the personnel operate, as well as to monitor and protect processes and structures from potentially high-risk situations, Mozzanica implements all the design, technological and implementation solutions at its disposal, including some with a proprietary patent.

Advanced fire detection systems such as predictive thermography anticipate and prevent ignition; active and passive fire protection systems effectively and quickly deal with any adverse event; special firefighting equipment and individual protection allow the personnel assigned to be first responders to carry out their duties in complete safety; and automatic sound and voice alarm systems allow the immediate evacuation of the personnel involved, ensuring their safety.

Fire detection Systems


  • Smoke, gas and flame detection systems
  • Snuffing systems
  • Predictive thermography
  • Fiber optics
  • Integrated thermographic systems

Active and Passive Protection Systems


  • Sprinkler systems
  • Deluge systems
  • Water mist systems
  • Foam systems
  • Powder systems
  • Inergen, Novec, Inert, Wet Chemicals extinguishing gas systems
  • Oxygen reduction systems (ORS)
  • Smoke and heat evacuation systems
  • Sound evacuation systems (EVAC)

Firefighting Equipment and PPE


  • Firefighting material
  • Fire doors and escape routes
  • Fire dampers
  • Fire extinguishers and hydrants
  • PPE and life-saving products
  • SCBA and EEBD
  • Detection devices for immediate response
  • Firefighting equipment


Oil & Gas Firefighting solutions

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