Firefighting in the Chemical-Pharmaceutical sector

 Safety, knowledge, competence… This field requires many skills and capabilites. Fortunately Mozzanica Company started as a Fire Fighting Company specialised for Chemical and Pharmecutical Industries



Mozzanica has been operating in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector for over thirty years, providing support right from the preliminary engineering stages.

In addition, we accompany our customers as a partner offering valid solutions in the firefighting field and in terms of service and maintenance of system efficiency.

The company has the expertise to work with qualified personnel trained to operate in ATEX areas and in confined spaces with the use of suitable equipment.


For this reason, we have extended our skills to offer the following services and products:


  • Mapping of confined spaces
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Basic and construction engineering of Fire & Gas and Firefighting Systems
  • Maintenance of firefighting vehicles and systems
  • Training of emergency teams
  • Digitization of system documentation for access via the TagIT IoT cloud platform



  • 3 categories of PPE
  • Devices for the safe recovery of personnel in confined spaces
  • Man down devices
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Customized firefighting vehicles
  • Mobile and fixed firefighting equipment


Mozzanica offers firefighting solutions for process areas, storage areas, clean rooms and reservoir parks. Below is a list of the main systems:


  • Detection of explosive and dangerous mixtures
  • Detection of fires, UV/IR flame, linear or point thermal transmittance
  • Thermographic detection
  • Waterspray deluge systems
  • Sprinkler and preaction systems
  • Foam systems
  • Oxygen reduction systems
  • Pressurized powder systems







Cloud monitoring

Our company guarantees the correct integration and management of systems through exclusive platforms in the SeeIT cloud which allow us to check the status of the devices, their faults, and alarm status, and guarantee an effective intervention through the Mozzanica service staff.


Dedicated service and maintenance

In addition to on-call assistance, Mozzanica offers a maintenance service to maintain the efficiency of equipment and systems as required by law.