know-how and skills

The creation of "Turnkey Systems" is certainly a major commitment for the company comprising a variety of responsibilities, but also opportunities.
For this reason, Mozzanica has decided to equip itself with the right structure to respond to the needs of complex and dangerous environments.



Knowledge and competence are characteristics that unite our Project Managers, each with their own interdisciplinary experiences, but with specializations that allow us to maximize results.

We have the expertise and an ISO 45001 management system to optimize, constantly monitor and guarantee:

  • Safety and training of personnel
  • Monitoring of subcontracted personnel
  • Compliance with construction site schedules
  • Adequate comparison and correspondence with government bodies, VVF (Fire Department), inspection bodies and insurance

Mozzanica continues to operate with satisfaction creating systems in Italy and abroad with tens of thousands of hours of work and travel, hundreds of thousands of miles covered, and accurate and attentive care for logistics with the sole objective of satisfying the needs of our customers.