Firefighting in the logistics sector

The rapid expansion of the global logistics sector today imposes increasingly high-security standards to ensure the full safeguarding of stored goods.
Firefighting technologies have evolved to meet market demand and today they offer high-level solutions that guarantee improved performance.



Today Mozzanica continues to evolve its experience by dealing with operators in the sector (end users, shelving manufacturers, builders of automated warehouses) developing high-efficiency solutions with them.

Technology is also evolving; today our company is able to offer ad hoc solutions thanks to almost forty years of experience and our own patented system.


Cold chain logistics

Cold chain logistics



High stacking warehouses

 High stacking warehouses


Vertical automated warehouses

Vertical automated warehouses


Horizontal logistics and last mile

 Horizontal logistics and last mile



Oxygen Reduction Systems

With the patented Mozzanica ORS (Oxygen Reduction System) the warehouse is constantly monitored by high-sensitivity smoke and oxygen detectors and the atmosphere is made hypoxic through the supply of nitrogen. In this way, the igniting conditions for stored material are rendered impossible.



Ptotection set-up in a typical environment with hypoxic atmosphere



Fire sprinkler systems

The solutions offered by Mozzanica guarantee the best quality standards thanks to international partners able to support us in the prefabrication of FM-branded pipes for sprinkler systems. In addition, the presence of an internal prefabrication workshop allows us to create containers for pressurization systems and fire protection valve groups.

Pipes for sprinkler systems



Mozzanica firefighting technologies for logistics


  • Thermal detection systems with optical fiber for monitoring stored products
  • Smoke detection systems with intelligent cameras
  • High sensitivity smoke detectors with air sampling systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • ESFR systems
  • High expansion foam systems
  • Oxygen reduction systems (ORS)
  • Natural smoke and heat evacuation systems
  • Smoke and heat forced extraction systems