The heart of every system

The pumping station is the most important element of any water-based fire-fighting system; it is the heart of the system itself, indispensable for ensuring that water is used at the right pressure and flow rate required by the fire-fighting systems employed.
Therefore, its reliability and efficiency are critical to protect against risks.
At the design stage, it is essential to analyze not only the pumps but also the characteristics of the room in which they will be installed - whether in masonry, in a prefabricated structure, or in a special room installed on board a ship - and the characteristics of the connected water supply.


Containerized Pressurization Stations


One of the top services Mozzanica offers is the installation of "Containerized Pressurization Stations." In fact, with the use of state-of-the-art 3D design platforms, Mozzanica, in its own workshop, designs and manufactures container pressurization stations according to NFPA 20 and EN 12845 standards.

The containers are:

  • Constructed according to UNI 11292 requirements and accompanied by the design and certification of the structures.
  • Customized according to the needs of the site and the client with alarm monitoring systems and connection to an EN 50518 certified operations center.

Systems can have diagnostics and video surveillance for constant monitoring of performance or failure status.

 Containerized Pressurization StationsContainerized Pressurization Station

Containerized Pressurization 3D project