The heart of every system

The pumping station is the most important element of any water-based fire-fighting system; it is the heart of the system itself, indispensable for ensuring that water is used at the right pressure and flow rate required by the fire-fighting systems employed.

Fire-fighting pumping stations supply with large quantities of water at high pressure, various types of extinguishing systems, including sprinkler systems, deluge systems, water-mist systems and foam systems.

During the design phase, it is essential to size not only the motor pumps, but also the characteristics of the area in which they will be installed, whether masonry or prefabricated structure, and the characteristics of the water flow required by the extinguishing system, supplied through water reserves or underground or above-ground storage tanks, specially sized and built in nearby areas.

The UN 12845 standard prescribes the installation of pumps powered by an endothermic diesel engine for the main supply of the water network, to which compensation pumps (including electric ones) can be coupled to keep the system under pressure.

Each pump must be equipped with its own independent electrical control panel that guarantees its operation.

The pumping station also includes valve assemblies that independently control different areas of the shut-down system.

Containerized Pressurization Stations

Thanks to the skills acquired in the Marine and Oil & Gas sectors and the use of the most modern 3D design platforms, Mozzanica designs and manufactures in its own workshop, customized container pressurization stations, according to NFPA 20 and EN 12845 standards.

An extremely effective and advantageous technological approach that allows for pre-equipped and customized stations in the workshop, complete with all the necessary components, which are then shipped and installed ready-made, directly at the site to be protected.

From design to advanced maintenance

Mozzanica offers an exclusive consulting and design service for the correct sizing of the flow rate, depending on the characteristics of the fire protection system.

In its own workshop it manufactures and assembles the components, which are then installed by specialized technicians who guarantee technical assistance during all phases of assembly and the certainty of a workmanlike installation.

In addition, Mozzanica provides adequate training to plant personnel to ensure timely response in case of emergency.

Finally, a dedicated maintenance service, including remote diagnostics and alarm monitoring systems connected to a UNI 50518-certified operations room for timely monitoring of performance or failure status, ensure constant efficiency and effectiveness over time.