A single point of reference for all on board activities


Engineering and construction are just two of the fundamental requirements that shipping companies and shipowners need from their technical partners.

Mozzanica is a single point of contact that combines all the skills and know-how necessary to provide effective, widespread, and comprehensive technical/logistical support while guaranteeing speed of execution in every corner of the world, in compliance with international standards.


From the initial evaluation to engineering, from construction and installation to supervision and turnkey delivery, Mozzanica can manage highly complex projects thanks to its in-house team of qualified technicians and to its supply chain for workshop and supply management.




Supply chain

Mozzanica worldwide


Mozzanica operates in the main shipyards located in strategic areas all around the world: Genoa, Naples, Brest, Marseille, Arnhem, Singapore, Wenzhou, Kumamoto, Sydney, Victoria, Portland, Philadelphia, Freeport and Progreso.

With its two Headquarters (Italy and USA) and its global network, Mozzanica can meet all needs 24/7.

Systems solutions for every market


Whether for cruise ships, navy, technical vessels or FPSOs, throughout the engineering, design and revamping phases of ship systems, Mozzanica adopts state-of-the-art technologies for fire detection and prevention, drawing on its experience developed over more than three decades of activities in the major industrial sectors in land and oil & gas fields.


Main areas of expertise

  • Engineering activity direction
  • Global document and authorization management
  • Contractor pool management
  • Logistics of vehicles and teams
  • Definition of operating procedures
  • Mechanical and electrical construction
  • Direct supervision
  • Commissioning coordination
  • Management of unforeseen events and emergencies


Marine Dry Dock & Refurbishment

pdf - 12 Apr 2023

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