Mozzanica & Mozzanica introduces in the sector new innovative digital solutions for advanced maintenance that are able to combine normal maintenance activities with "IoT” (Internet of Things) systems, for the integrated management of safety, choosing to operate according to Company 4.0 dictates.





It allows, by equipping the customer's field/activity with an IoT gateway, continuous monitoring of the designed and/or maintained systems, reporting their status in a remote control room at the Mozzanica offices, remote controlling alarms and anomalous situations on different digital channels (mobile devices/pc/information monitors/emails/sms/...) accessible by authorised subjects and with different degrees of freedom appropriately authorised in the correction of the anomalies found and in compliance with the regulations.


It is used to uniquely identify all the objects of the fire-fighting system (devices, systems and their components), allowing definition of their digital data and their characteristics; it allows the digitisation, classification and consultation according to rights and the updating of technical and maintenance documentation also from the field by means of digital identifiers placed directly on the objects (systems and their components)/the devices themselves.

The safeguards to protect the activity are organised and identified/identifiable hierarchically and to view them, both on an overall level and for their components and subsystems, it is possible to access a series of specific documentation (user and operating manuals, maintenance procedures, technical diagrams, drawings, multimedia contents, project documents, maintenance reports ...) both from the field and in the back office of the company, accessible to customers and fire professionals involved in the life cycle of fire systems and appropriately authorised.