By dispensing powder through a fixed piping system and special nozzles, the pressurized powder system empties its extinguishing agent onto the flame, suppressing and extinguishing the fire.

Depending on the combustible to protect, the appropriate class of powder must be chosen. Although it may cause more collateral damage than gas or water mist systems, it certainly represents the most versatile extinguisher, as it can be used on solids, flammable liquids and electrical equipment alike.

Through a propellant gas, the powder is discharged onto the zone of interest and through its heat-absorbing, smothering and cooling action, it guarantees the fire is extinguished.


  • Environments containing liquid fuels
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Environments containing combustible metals
  • Marine, load/download LNG zones


Reference standards

  • NFPA 17
  • IMO Solas
  • FSS Codes
  • Flags Regulations
  • Class Regulations
  • Customer Specifications