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Witor's: The boeri are safe thanks to Mozzanica

Settore Alimentare

Founded in 1959 by Roberto Bonetti, in Cremona, Witor's has been producing chocolate products for sixty years, including the famous "Boero", a brilliant combination of extra dark chocolate, liqueur and cherries and a very successful marketing strategy that placed Witor's products on the counters of every bar in Italy.
Today the company is present in over 70 countries in the world, with an annual production capacity of over 36,000 tons - which ranks third in Italy as a volume producer - alongside Boers, chocolate bars, snacks, biscuits and spreadable creams, with which it has won prestigious quality awards such as the ISM Awards 2017 for the excellence of Made in Italy.
To the 18 production lines, 30 types of packaging in its 2 production plants, in Cremona and in Gorizia, in 2017 Witor’s combined a logistics capacity of 9000 m2 and 8000 pallet spaces in the new intensive automated warehouse.

And it was precisely the need to protect that intensive warehouse from the risk of fire that Witor’s decided to use the products and services of Mozzanica.
Our technical department, in collaboration with the shelf supplier, developed an integrated system, according to the UNI 12845 standard, of 7000 sprinklers installed inside the shelves, fed by a pumping station that uses two 450 m3/h motor pumps and a total water reserve of 700 m3 stored in 2 tanks of 350 m3 respectively.

The perfect coordination between the design offices and the installation teams allowed full compliance with the contractual deadlines.
Witor’s satisfaction is confirmed by the assignment to Mozzanica of the maintenance of the supplied systems.




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