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Mozzanica ha al proprio attivo oltre 900 impianti realizzati, 1000 impianti di manutenzione, 30000 estintori installati, 8000 idranti e 5000 porte. Inoltre una flotta di carri-officina mobile con 17 tecnici a disposizione H24, 4 filiali operative e coperture sul territorio nazionale.




Nestlè: Good food, good life & fire safety

Settore Alimentare

Even today there is a nest in their logo, to remember that, at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the mission was to protect childhood and to fight infant mortality with the first condensed milk, developed by the German pharmacist Henri Nestlé.
The company that bears his name today is the largest multinational company active in Europe's food sector. Nestlé arrived in Italy not even ten years after its foundation in 1875. In 1924 it opened in Abbiategrasso,a stone’s throw from one of our offices, the first factory for the production of milky flour and condensed milk.
With the acquisition of historic brands in the Italian food tradition, such as Buitoni, Motta, Antica Gelateria del Corso and La Valle degli Orti, Sanpellegrino and with over 5,000 employees between the headquarters in Milan and the 11 factories distributed throughout the national territory, Nestlé Italia is one of the most important food companies in the country and Italy, for Nestlé, is the ninth world market by turnover.

The Perugina plant in San Sisto (PG), from which all the 41 million Baci Perugina sold every year leave, is protected with sprinkler systems according to NFPA 13 and NFPA 20, and with the pumping stations of Mozzanica, as well as the Ruspini (BG ) and Madone (BG) plants.
To date, we at Mozzanica supply the Nestlé Group with the maintenance service at more than 100 offices located throughout Italy, from the production plants to the Nespresso sales point.




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