Initially, it was the sprinkler systems that detected a fire with the a thermal element which breaking that, once a certain temperature was reached, made it possible to intervene on the fire source and alert the staff via a hydraulic bell.

With the advent of technology and safety engineering, it is now essential to detect the fire start early to protect the safety of people and the rapid intervention of rescue teams.


Systemic approach to fire

A fire detection and alarm system must control the environment, detect a fire early, monitor the efficiency of active protection systems, activate the alarm signal (in order to trigger an effective response, activating the protective and management measures provided) and effectively communicate the alarm or fault status of the system.

Reference legislation

The reference standard for the design and construction of detection systems is the UN 9795, which then refers to product, maintenance and system standards.

The international reference standard is the NFPA 72.

Technology and performance

The high risk market requires an approach based on highly efficient and reliable systems; Mozzanica is always up to date with the most modern technologies.

In addition to the traditional smoke and temperature detection systems punctiform, Mozzanica has already proposed to its customers:

Smoke and gas extraction systems

Fibre optic systems

Thermographic systems with data analysis from thermal imaging cameras

Flame detection

Smoke detection with smart cameras

Mozzanica has a solution for each risk

Do you need to protect storage systems with lithium batteries? Do you need to detect a fire in a cold room at -40°C? Do you need to monitor storage areas and waste depots or hazardous products? Or perhaps you need to detect a fire in a server farm early?




Toxic flammable products storage

Waste processing and storage

Environments with high artistic or technological value


Effectiveness and efficiency of a correct alarm signal

The effectiveness of a system lies in its ability to achieve a predetermined goal. Efficiency is the ability to achieve a predetermined goal with the least amount of resources, time and energy.

When is a detection and reporting system effective? When is it efficient?

Undoubtedly an engineering approach dictated by the new fire prevention code actually defines the priorities of fire safety. The performance of a system is defined as a function of these choices.But, when it comes to alerting personnel of a risk and proceeding with the evacuation of the personnel of a high risk or major incident risk company, the system must undoubtedly be efficient.

Mozzanica studies the best solution with software suitable to assess the sound propagation of alarm devices as a function of the geometry and ambient noise.Once the event has been detected and the alert procedures in the protected areas have been initiated, the alarm status must be promptly communicated to the relevant authorities.

Mozzanica offers its customers all the advantages of an EN 50518-certified operations centre to which they can delegate the alarm and failure status of their fire protection systems.


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