Mozzanica's thermographic system acquires images using radiometric cameras and performs absolute temperature analysis by weighing the readings with the change in ambient temperature. The system makes it possible to adapt the analysis to the actual areas of interest, thus excluding heat sources unrelated to the processing.
The system is constantly connected with a certified fire control unit so that alarm transmission procedures can be properly managed and active protection systems can be activated if necessary.



Mozzanica has built thermographic systems for monitoring waste storage and processing areas, with integrated systems that enable not only the analysis phase but also the subsequent alerting phase and activation of localized deluge firefighting systems.

Some of its applications:

  • Analysis of flour or grain storage silos or other products subject to oxidation and self-combustion by fermentation
  • Analysis of segments of processing lines
  • Analysis of machines for shredding waste or dangerous products
  • Analysis of open-air storage areas or in bays or bunkers
  • Analysis of storage areas for dangerous or flammable products such as tanks and containment basins
  • Fire detection and activation of automatic directed extinguishing systems such as monitors or high-efficiency turbines

Mozzanica can take care of the design and turnkey implementation of the systems, customization and setup of the systems in the post-installation phase to make sure the systems operate properly, as well as personalize integrated thermographic detection systems associated with fixed or pan-and-tilt monitors.

The after-sales service ensures the correct management over time with periodic maintenance services.