Through a partnership with the company Fruit Control, we developed a patented and fully automated system that can "smartly" manage the age-old problem of fire prevention where sensitive materials are stored.
The ORS system is the most innovative and environmentally friendly solution for fire prevention in closed environments, especially for rooms used for the storage of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, artwork, libraries, etc.
This system is based on the prevention of ignition and of combustion and can continuously check the environment it is protecting and consequently produce and deliver nitrogen there, even if people are present.
In fact, this system is not only extremely effective in preventing fires, but it is completely safe as it does not damage or corrode any type of material.



Protection set-up in a typical environment with hypoxic atmosphere



Mozzanica offers support in the assessment of risk and feasibility as well as cost-effectiveness.

In fact, in addition to the characteristics of the risk, it is also necessary to evaluate the type of environment and its compatibility with an ORS system.

The service Mozzanica offers includes turnkey construction of the systems; specifically, we take care of designing, installing and maintaining the following parts of the system:

  • Ambient nitrogen production and distribution plant
  • Oxygen percentage control system
  • High-sensitivity sampling fire detection system

Oxygen depletion systems are particularly suitable for protecting:

  • Climatic cells
  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Data centers
  • Art galleries
  • Pharmaceutical storage rooms

Nitrogen generation

Oil & Gas


Mozzanica produces nitrogen generators for different types of environments.

Through the use of PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology or membranes, the ORS system produces nitrogen starting from independent air separation

The system that has been patented with Fruit Control represents an innovative and environmentally friendly solution, especially for indoor environments intended for the storage of dangerous products.


  • Storage warehouses for chemical and petrochemical products
  • Intensive warehouses


Oxigen reduction systems

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