The Fire Pump is the heart of a Fire-Fighting system so it is of fundamental importance to minimise the frequency of malfunction.

For this purpose, the Mozzanica and Mozzanica Service business line makes available to its customers, in addition to the engine inspection of diesel motor pumps, the following activities:

  • Thermographic analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Motor-pump alignment analysis
  • Head-flow performance curve analysis

The aim of these inspections is to act in advance on potential causes of faults.


Thermographic analysis

The equipment thermal mappings can quickly indicate anomalous conditions; for example, an engine bearing that is much warmer than the crankcase suggests a potential lubrication and alignment problem. Mozzanica is able to carry out thermographic inspections on equipment such as motors, rotating parts and electrical panels using the comparative thermography method.

Head-flow performance curce analysis

The Fire Pumps are designed and sized to ensure maximum water flow at a given pressure in order to accommodate the project fire scenario. Verifying that a pump is actually capable of delivering the flow at the required pressure is therefore extremely important. Mozzanica, with its technicians and with the certified measurement instrumentation, is able to detect and reconstruct the head-flow curve of any Fire Pump.

Vibration analysis

Vibration analysis is the technique commonly used for monitoring equipment rotating parts, in fact the presence of worn components increase vibrations and noise allowing the predictive identification of a possible fault and related out of service of the machine.

Motor-pump alignment analysis

Approximately 50% of machine malfunctions can be directly attributed to the misalignment of the shafts, which is why Mozzanica has equipped itself with certified and latest generation measuring instruments (Laser technology) and has developed the skills to perform the verification of the crankshaft alignment and pump at its customers premises.

Engine inspection

According to what is indicated in the relative use and maintenance manual, each engine must carry out the so-called service. Thanks to its in-house skills, but also to its partners network, Mozzanica carries out services on any engine coupled to a fire pump ensuring the use of original spare parts and correct management of maintenance waste.


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