Passive protection, personal and collective protection devices

Prevention is better than cure; the fire-fighting strategy also includes aspects that may at first sight appear to be less relevant than the large-scale highly technological systems. A good practice, stimulated by a sign, rather than a fire-resistant division can do a lot to prevent a fire from igniting or, at worst, from spreading.


Fire extinguishers: Maintenance, revision and testing

Mozzanica offers a wide range of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers including revolutionary water extinguishers that are completely ecological and usable even by inexperienced personnel.

Self-contained breathing apparatus

The skills developed in the chemical and naval sectors have allowed us to accumulate important skills in the supply and maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus.

The Service structure, which has been managing the maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus for years, has now been strengthened with the creation of a dedicated Laboratory, at the new Osnago (LC) plant, and with the acquisition of mobile instruments, both at the Mozzanica USA LLC site of Jupiter (Florida) and at the Mozzanica plant in Osnago (LC), that can be used to perform all the maintenance and testing operations to be carried out directly on board ships.

As with all service activities, the self-contained breathing apparatus activity is also managed with a computer system, connected to a cloud portal, available to the Customer.

Fire-fighter material

Fire-fighting material and a complete range of equipment, devices and professional clothing, designed for personnel dedicated to first intervention and certified according to European standards, which guarantees total fire protection.

Doors, fire doors and escape routes

Sales, installation and repair of doors, fire doors and escape routes, using teams specialised in installation and maintenance.


Warning signs, information and indication to guarantee the safety of persons


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