A team ready for every need

The SERVICE Business line is able to assist the customer in the ordinary maintenance of its systems, in relation to e-fighting devices, in revamping, repair, replacement of components, troubleshooting and the testing of cylinders.

Skills and instrumental equipment

Our technicians are able to perform professional analyses on systems, such as analysis of the sound levels of the emergency signals, of the performance of the fire-fighting pumps by means of head/flow curve reconstruction, flow tests of the hydrant networks, thermal and vibration analysis, pump/motor alignment with laser technology tools and they are also able to transfer to the customer's personnel the skills necessary for correct operation of the systems, with training and support activities in the event of audits by the control body.

Turnkey service

From management of EPC orders of small systems (small detection systems, sprinklers, gas shut-off, etc.) to the implementation of testing and commissioning, Mozzanica is able to cover all the needs in the field of fire prevention systems and the maintenance of protective equipment, drawing on its decades of expertise in refilling and re-testing of inert gas/CO2 cylinders.

Availability and monitoring

The on-call service, which satisfies an average of 50 requests for intervention/month, guarantees uninterrupted management of the designed systems. Our IoT systems also allow us to continuously monitor the systems remotely.


Maintenance services

Continuous customer focus

Ensuring a certified scheduled maintenance service to provide safety 365 days a year.

Thanks to fleets of "mobile workshops" that intervene on site, Mozzanica & Mozzanica is able to ensure scheduled and extraordinary maintenance services on every type of system or fire protection equipment.
The services:

  • Fire extinguisher-hydrant-door maintenance
  • Maintenance of systems and evacuators

Both services are performed by qualified technicians using equipped vehicles

To protect its customers, Mozzanica & Mozzanica undergoes continuous verification by a Third Party.
To ensure that the fire extinguisher maintenance service is performed correctly and in accordance with the regulations, the preparation of personnel, the equipment, purchases, sales, waste management and effective execution of operations are controlled and certified by ICM.

All maintenance personnel, according to their specific skills, are subject to continuous training updates in order to maintain and improve their skills thereby guaranteeing the high technical knowledge that our customers require.

The excellent knowledge of the legislation of the technical standards is used to provide all the necessary supports to define the protection to be implemented with:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire-fighting equipment
  • Fire-fighter material
  • Doors, fire doors and emergency exits
  • Signage
  • Expansion or modification of systems



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