Maintenance of fire-fighting systems and devices

Every device and fire-fighting system is integrated into a more complex safety management system that dictates the procedures and interactions between different devices with diverse technologies and is capable of operating in emergency situations.

Choosing a partner for Fire Fighting services means more than simply choosing a maintenance technician; it signifies appointing a consultant responsible for maintaining regulatory compliance. It’s a fundamental and substantial decision to ensure the systems are state-of-the-art and perform as required to protect you from the relevant fire risks.

Specific skills in every sector


Mozzanica's Service offers complete management of all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities, thanks to a well-organized structure and qualified, highly specialized technicians certified by third parties (ICIM, IMQ) as required by the new legislative provisions issued by the Ministerial Decree of 1 September 2021 – Control Decree.

Mozzanica operates 365 days a year, ensuring compliance with the required regulations and operational continuity of all systems and equipment in the main product sectors.

Small jobs

To meet particular needs related to the timing of the realization and/or revamping of small and medium scale turnkey systems, Mozzanica has a Small Jobs technical area specialized in the timely management, design, installation and testing of fire-fighting systems and/or passive protection systems.

Mobile workshops and equipment


From system maintenance to fire extinguisher refilling to fire door inspection, Mozzanica meets its customers' fire safety requirements on a daily basis.

 Mobile workshop system team




 Mobile workshop equipment team




Mozzanica's mobile workshops consist of vans equipped for medium and long-range interventions, organized with equipment, tools, and spare parts, depending on the type of intervention to be carried out:

  • Workshops equipped for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of suppression, detection, and smoke evacuation systems, which can carry out electrical, mechanical and hydraulic repairs even in confined spaces
  • Workshops for fire extinguisher and hydrant maintenance, equipped for refilling fire extinguishers, for checking fire hydrants and pressing hoses, supplied with all kinds of spare parts
  • Workshops for the maintenance of fire doors as well as emergency exits, which can carry out both repairs and installations

For each service provided, the materials used are tracked to guarantee traceability in accordance with the main ISO and environmental standards.

Door Fan Test

Vibration analysis

Motor/pump alignment

Thermographic analysis

Flow rate analysis

Diesel motor pump inspection

Hydrant networks check

Mozzanica's teams of maintenance technicians perform the following routine activities on a daily basis:

  • Periodic checks on plants, systems and equipment
  • System alarm signals monitoring through a certified operations center
  • Management of critical spare parts
  • Maintenance operations computerized management;

We also carry out specialized activities with high-added value with the help of the latest generation of certified instrumentation.

Mozzanica also provides a support service to the Customers’ staff to teach them the skills necessary to correctly operate the systems, with personalized training activities supervised by the technical teams.

Through a network of qualified partners, Mozzanica provides additional support to maintenance activities, such as:

  • Checking for water leaks using ultrasound or tracer gases
  • Carrying out video inspections with underwater probes and/or drones
  • Failure analysis for corrosive phenomena
  • Laboratory analysis of foam characteristics
  • Laboratory analysis of water characteristics

Remote management and advanced maintenance



Mozzanica has introduced innovative digital Fire-Fighting solutions for advanced maintenance, combining normal maintenance activities with "IoT" (Internet of Things) systems for integrated safety management.


CtRM is a cross-platform technology developed by PiCube, Mozzanica's strategic partner, to digitally manage fire-fighting systems and the documentation connected to them.




Through the CtRM platform, which contains and manages plant data in the Cloud, the following specific components are active:

  • SeeIT allows continuous monitoring of the system and reports its status to a remote control room.
  • TagIT allows the unique identification of the controls, equipment and components of the fire-fighting system by reading digital tags that allow you to consult their structure, history and documentation directly on site.

Remote monitoring, assistance & diagnostics


Current regulations require that the reporting of fire or fault alarms take place through a certified and protected transmission system, which guarantees the reception of the signal by the figures in charge and that all the necessary intervention measures for risk mitigation are activated in a timely manner.


In the event of an alarm or fault, the IRAI command center must communicate the status to an appropriate control unit whose operators can start the intervention measures promptly at any time.

Where there is no fixed control unit, the alarm and fault status must be transmitted to a certified remote Operations Center that guarantees its correct reception 24/7 365 days a year, and the consequent timely activation of emergency management procedures.

Mozzanica is able to integrate the entire system with its proprietary See.iT technology, thanks to which it can offer a remote monitoring and diagnostics service.

Thanks to See.iT every alarm signal or fault can be investigated in detail remotely and in real time.

1 Alarm report
2 SeeiT diagnostics on Cloud
3 Extra activities


Supply chain, spare parts
 and certified suppliers

The organization of the supply chain of spare parts, consumables and equipment is entrusted to the internal Purchasing Managers and Planners who have two warehouses in Mozzanica's two locations, to meet the maintenance service's daily demands.

In addition, the Purchasing Managers periodically verify that the material purchased from the supplier companies complies with the required quality standards.



Firefighting Service and Maintenance

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