The third category of PPE includes all the tools capable of protecting the worker from serious or permanent damage to health and from the risk of death.


These pieces of personal protection equipment are useful for the protection: of the head from the risk of accidental impacts, of the eyes and face from splinters, from sparks and processing residues (such as shavings), of the body from electrical risk (electrocution or electrocution), from temperatures above one hundred degrees and from falls from above (life lines, harnesses, safety decks, etc.).

Among the third category PPE that Mozzanica offers to its customers are:

  • Harnesses
  • Helmets
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus

Together with these products Mozzanica supplies devices and tools called "lifesavers" suitable for workers who work alone or in Major Accident Risk companies or in confined spaces and which are listed below:

  • Man down GSM devices
  • Portable gas detectors


Lightweight and practical fall-arrest harnesses, one size or adjustable, equipped with anchor points, high tenacity and compliant with the main European regulations.



A wide variety of helmets available according to the different working requirements and with a series of accessories (visor, lamp, neck protection...)

Man down GSM devices

Man down devices are designed for all categories of workers at risk (lone workers, security, heavy industry).

The system of man down devices and dead man devices protect the lone worker by transmitting manual and automatic alarms.

The man down and dead man devices offered by Mozzanica represent excellence in protecting people, guaranteeing organisations compliance with the current regulations on the health and safety of lone workers (art. 45 of the Consolidated Law 81/08), and offering a true and significant reduction in risk. The devices are designed and manufactured in Europe (Finland), certified IP67 dust-waterproof and shock resistant, and equipped with SOS button and advanced Man down++ system (man down alarm,no movement, violent fall and impact).

Self-contained breathing apparatus

The skills developed in the chemical and naval sectors have allowed us to accumulate important skills in the supply and maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus.

The Service structure, which has been managing the maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus for years, has now been strengthened with the creation of a dedicated Laboratory, at the new Osnago (LC) plant, and with the acquisition of mobile instruments, both at the Mozzanica USA LLC site of Jupiter (Florida) and at the Mozzanica & Mozzanica plant in Osnago (LC), that can be used to perform all the maintenance and testing operations to be carried out directly on board ships.

As with all service activities, the self-contained breathing apparatus activity is also managed with a computer system, connected to a cloud portal, available to the Customer.

Portable gas detectors

Every day our operators are engaged in maintenance operations in high-risk or Major Accident Risk companies at which hazardous and toxic atmospheres are present, aware of the risks of exposure to gases or fuels or the lack of oxygen.

For our colleagues and our customers Mozzanica provides portable devices capable of detecting, measuring, monitoring and reacting to any gas in the immediate surrounding area.

In addition to portable devices, Mozzanica supplies tare and calibration kits to allow functional tests and automatic calibrations with reduced consumption of calibration gas and short test times.



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