Fire screen doors and water tight doors

Fire-cutting doors are a passive fire protection system required on ships. 


Used to access environments where compartmental fire resistance is required, they have manual opening but are equipped with automatic closure systems. In ships, these compartments must not only be fire resistant (and sometimes explosion-proof) but, if they separate particular areas of the vessel, they must ensure a certain degree of waterproofing or even be watertight.

First, the door must have special structural characteristics and maintain them over time but, equally important is the connection between the door frame and the ship’s structure.


The mechanical and thermal stresses to which the doors can be subjected require expertise for proper installation as well as periodic verification.


Ergonomics, functionality in emergency situations, etc., are regulated by strict international regulations; the tilting panic bar handles, Push bars or Touch bars, as well as the hinges and access control and management devices, must all comply with strict standards.


Effectively maintaining marine fire-cutting doors means having a warehouse with spare parts and logistics network available to deliver the material to the teams on board the ships; Mozzanica, with its locations in Europe and the United States, assures short lead time.


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