The editorial

by Natale Mozzanica


In the first quarter of this year, I traveled to the United States for the umpteenth time, to West Palm Beach, where the headquarters of our American company, Mozzanica USA LLC, is located. I went there because there is a big new project going on.

During the journey, my thoughts went back to the beginning of our "adventure," helped by the fact that, every day on my way to our plant in Osnago, I pass by the building that housed Mozzanica in the early '90s.

Truth be told, it wasn't the first building, but the second, because to be honest, I founded the company with my brothers in none other than the farmhouse where I lived before getting married.

Then in 1992 we moved for the third time to a larger building in Calco, which we modified in 2001.

In 2012 we opened our first office in the province of Milan, while in 2015 we opened the first headquarters of Mozzanica USA in Fort Lauderdale and subsequently in Miami, with a stop in Jupiter before finally settling in West Palm Beach.

The evolution continued with the various service points around the world and this year, we have good news for the Mozzanica Italy too. You will see.

Growth was necessary to better serve new markets and consequently our customers, located in different parts of Italy and other parts of the world.

Since its foundation, towards the end of the '80s and the beginning of the '90s, Mozzanica's operations were mostly limited to the major provinces of our region, Lombardy.

As our client base grew, our activity extended first through the regions of Northern Italy, then to the Center, and finally to the South and the Islands.


The decision to enter the Marine sector catapulted us into a global market, changing our approaches to clients, operating methods, the organization of interventions, regulations...


The latest decision was to enter the "Oil & Gas" sector, a challenging market that requires high expertise.

Today, the company's activity is completely different from what it was in the beginning. We are a "Pocket Multinational," with the right skills to operate comprehensively in both the national and international markets.

This fills us with pride, but despite everything, we do not lower our "guard" – we are well aware of the change that has occurred, where internationalization has replaced the local market.

What has never left us is the strong determination to achieve the goals we set and to aim for new ones.

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