The world is wondering what energy plants' fire safety will be like in the future, from battery gigafactories to hydrogen plants.

For genuinely safer and more sustainable energy production.


The recent COP 28 conference held in Dubai ratified a historic decision: to phase out the use of fossil fuels by 2050. The 197 signatory countries have therefore accepted the challenge of the future: to find – in just over 25 years from now – alternative sources and technologies to oil, coal and methane, to produce energy that's necessary (and accessible) for everyone's survival.


What solutions are already feasible?

First of all, electrification: currently no fewer than 20 gigafactories to produce lithium batteries are emerging in Europe alone, alongside numerous smaller and regional companies engaged in designing and making customized battery packs.


Where electrification cannot go be used, alternative fuels (HVO, biodiesel, biomethane) will come first and, at the end of the energy transition, hydrogen, which can already be adopted by current internal combustion engines with few changes. Hence the rise of the first green hydrogen production plants, including the Hydrogen Valley in Modena, which from 2026 will produce 400 tons of green hydrogen per year.


Big or small, whatever type of energy they produce, a minimum common denominator unites all these systems: safety. There can be no true sustainability if the plants, systems and technologies that serve to achieve it are potentially dangerous and toxic. For example, the production processes of lithium batteries, HVO, biodiesel, biomethane and hydrogen include critical steps that can trigger fires and explosions, resulting in the dispersion of harmful substances.


Just as what is happening today in the Oil & Gas sector, and therefore, for the future energy plants of the future as well, everything will depend entirely on the training of technical personnel and their specific competence in the field of Fire protection, which must be designed, installed and maintained by the book only by companies that demonstrate intimate deep knowledge of the sector.


Green yes, but not at the cost of safety

Assuming that the ultimate goal of fire protection is to save people's lives first, it is essential to ensure a technical assessment of the use of technologies that are effective, safe and as green as possible where this is feasible, such as more environmentally friendly fluorine-free foams and oxygen reduction systems (ORS).


Mozzanica has emerged as an excellent choice in the fields of installation and maintenance of fire-fighting protection systems, nationally and internationally, in the Oil & Gas field thanks to their considerable expertise gained over time. This know-how manifests itself in an articulated organizational structure that can intervene through teams of qualified technicians who are constantly trained in the correct maintenance of equipment (fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatuses, fire doors, etc.) and systems (sprinkler, flood, foam, thermographic, etc.), or by putting their skills at the service of large production plants that need advanced control, safety, and fire and explosion prevention systems, just like those of today's Oil & Gas sector or tomorrow's hydrogen sector.


Mozzanica's commitment to professionalism and continuous training is reflected in the large investments in training its technicians through refresher and safety courses, plus a series of extra programs, for a total of 129 hours in 2023.


In addition to the service and maintenance service offered, Mozzanica has a staff of over 100 people, an equipped workshop, a fleet of mobile workshop vehicles, and a logistics system capable of transporting tool boxes or containers on site, complete with the necessary equipment, based on the scope of work. All of which is always ready to handle any emergency, thanks to the flexibility that is another distinctive feature of Mozzanica's.

Thanks to offices in America and Italy, all equipped with spare parts warehouses, the company can guarantee an immediate response, reducing time and costs for its customers as well as ensuring greater operational efficiency.


In a context as essential for sustainability as the production plants of current and future energies, Mozzanica stands out for the quality of its services and constant and efficient support, always putting safety first.

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