How important is good maintenance service?


We all know that anything mechanical, electrical or electromechanical requires periodic maintenance or revision.

When we buy a washing machine or a dishwasher, they come with a "usage and maintenance booklet", with periodic operations to carry out for their maintenance.


A booklet we always read, right?

If we talk about fire safety, at least as far as Italy is concerned, unfortunately, things get a little more complicated.

Culturally, in fact, we are used to dealing with emergencies not by preventing them, but by addressing them the moment they happen.

For some time, in fact, a behavior that minimizes the importance of maintenance has been observed. The "non-use" of the asset resulted in an underestimation of emergencies and therefore of proper maintenance.

We do not want to generalize, of course, but we know it is one of our quirks.

However, improvements have recently been seen and to learn more we interviewed a Service & Small Job Sales Manager of the MOZZANICA Company.


1. How do you see the “Service” market right now for Italy?

It is currently undergoing an evolution, especially due to the new Italian Ministerial Decree of September 2021, which establishes that the technicians in charge of the control and maintenance of fire equipment and systems must have a certificate issued by the Fire Department to verify their professional technical requirements.

An innovation that represents a further push to spread the culture of safety.


2. What exactly do customers want?

They seek certainty in the execution of operations, precision in the drafting of documents, and advice and assistance in the management of various problems.

In general, they want the peace of mind of having a prepared and present partner by their side, who can help them in the daily management of safety. 


3. Is what they ask for correct? Do you think they have the right training and background?

Although customer requests are understandable, they do not always have the right training to understand the complexity of fire safety issues.

Sometimes they might consider the mere fulfillment of legislative requirements as sufficient, without understanding the importance of a correct analysis of critical issues.

For this reason, for example, the figure of the Fire Maintenance Technician is important.

In fact, in the field, this figure would be the customer's first point of contact, the first consultant at their disposal.


4. Why tell the customer not to underestimate maintenance?

Maintenance and the modification of an existing fire system are two fundamental elements to ensure the safety of the people and property present in a company.

Only a correct intervention makes it possible to ensure efficiency, thus avoiding the risk of malfunction in emergency situations.


5. What are the basic elements for a good maintenance service?

Technical preparation, training and field competence.

Only through these avenues is it possible to guarantee professional and precise performance of the service, ensuring greater safety for customers.

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