The event commemorating the Company's thirty-five years anniversary was held at the Osnago headquarters during of the traditional end of year meeting called "Mozzanica Day". The meeting, which was attended by all the employees accompanied by their families, was an opportunity to highlight the efforts made by the company in these years, the results achieved and the objectives for the future.

A particular moment was dedicated to the presentation of the new professional figures included in the Company's staff.

Furthermore, the "handover" between the founding owners, Natale and Luigi Mozzanica, to the new generations, Jordan and Stacey Mozzanica, represents and will represent a certainty of continuity and solidity for the company's future.

In a cordial and family atmosphere, team buildings and many games for children have been organized.

Children could also rejoice with the presence of Santa Claus and his assistant!

Finally, all the guests savored the many sweet and savory delicacies that were prepared for the occasion.


In the photo gallery that follows, some moments of the pleasant day spent.

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