NOVEC 1230/ FM 200 Gas fire fighting systems

The NOVEC 1230 / FM-200 extinguishing agent is a clean agent, stored in cylinders in liquid form; once released into the protected environment, under environmental pressure, it passes into the gas state, removing heat from the flames. In addition, saturating the environment, it removes the free radicals and the oxygen available for combustion.


It is an effective agent for class A, B and C fires, it does not react with chemicals, water or moisture and is electrically non-conductive. Compared to other extinguishing systems, it is suitable for saturating indoor environments and penetrating inside cabinets, cavities, or places that are however difficult to reach.

Since it is harmless to humans, it can be released without having to wait for evacuation and the systems are designed to saturate protected environments within 10 seconds of activation. This rapidity of action helps to prevent extensive damage due to fire propagation and minimises the by-products of combustion.


It also makes it possible to store relatively small amounts of extinguisher, since a relatively low concentration is required, with a consequent savings in space. Given that the NOVEC 1230 / FM-200 is essentially harmless, it makes it possible to minimise downtimes after activating the system. It is a stable agent that does not go through deterioration processes, allowing it not to require replacement for decades. It is an environmentally-compatible agent. 




  • Engine compartments
  • Electronic devices
  • Equipment for electrical generation and transmission
  • Bilges
  • Closed technical cabinets
  • Flammable liquid storage areas
  • Loading spaces

Standards and Regulations

The main reference standards for the design of the NOVEC 1230/ FM-200 gas plant are the FSS Codes, SOLAS, etc.




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