High expansion fixed foam fire fighting systems

High expansion foam fire extinguishing systems are particularly suited to closed spaces, such as ship compartments, but can be designed to extinguish fires on open decks.


Thanks to their delivery systems and the characteristics of the foams, these systems can cope with the effects of the wind and the fact that the separation of oxygen from the flames is obviously more complex than in a closed environment. 


In the marine sector, moreover, a source of possible fire-triggering concerns kitchen fryers that may contain significant amounts of oil; also in this case, foam systems are used optimally.


Foam is a cost-effective technology, safe for the crew and the environment (foam does not release dangerous decomposition products in contact with high temperatures), as well as being fast and effective.

When it expands, the foam suffocates the fire, separating the fuel from the combustible item, and allows cooling that hinders the resumption of the flames, while also reducing the evaporation of flammable vapours in the air. The systems used ensure the total saturation of an environment with the filling speed of the rooms by the foam of almost two metres per minute.

The speed is guaranteed by the high ratio of expansion of the foam agent which also allows low water consumption (freshwater and/or seawater).


Foam systems may also provide, depending on the required performance, the supply of clean air in the mixture. Depending on the different applications, there are foams resistant to alcohol, to solvents (polar or not) and to hydrocarbons, resisting the ability of these products to break the bubbles of normal foams. 




  • Upper decks
  • Ro-ro bridges
  • Fuel loading areas
  • Helicopter landing platforms
  • Galleys
  • Category A engine rooms
  • Cargo pump rooms
  • Tanks
  • Other enclosed spaces on board ships

Standards and Regulations

High-expansion foam systems comply with the SOLAS, IMO MODU and MSC, FSS, IBC codes regulated by various standards by EN, ISO, DOT, etc., and recognised by insurance companies and naval registers around the world.


There are foam agents approved by MED, IMO MSC, HOCNF and ICAO, developed for extreme applications such as those encountered, for example, by ships on polar routes.



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