Emergency Power cut-off circuits

An Emergency Shut Down system in case of alarm, is tasked with preventing the escalation of dangerous events, stopping dangerous equipment and systems and providing status and alarms to support the decision-making of the emergency crews.


Interfacing the ship’s safety systems, collecting data and/or sending stop commands (Power Cut-Off) in an automatic/manual sequence, requires well-defined procedures that identify the actions and actors involved in the emergency. Integrating this type of system means ensuring communication between systems that  apply different protocols or different interfaces (Digital/ Analogue / Other).

The ESD system activates safety actions such as closing FSD doors WTD doors, stopping ventilation and activating smoke extraction, as well as stopping the critical machinery and turning on emergency lighting.

The safety network must be designed to withstand fire and damage conditions and with redundancy and false alarm prevention criteria.


Our Marine Team is responsible for integrating the fire protection systems into the emergency stop system.


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