SCBA - Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and EEBD

Self-contained breathing apparatus and Emergency Escape Breathing Devices are personal protective equipment necessary for on-board fire-fighting teams to safely carry out fire-fighting and evacuation activities.

Many Shipowners rely on our experience & capability in fire-fighting and our long-established cooperation with the world's leading suppliers of such devices to define the exact specifications of the equipment, to ensure the supply and training for their use; we have workshops and mobile units for routine and extraordinary maintenance operations directly on board in every location.

Life jackets

The life jacket is a sleeveless jacket made from floating or inflatable material that is used to keep the human body afloat in the water.


Each jacket must be equipped with a whistle securely secured by a lanyard, by lights fixed in such a way as to be more visible by rescuers and by a codline  ( Chiarire cosa si vuole dire. Termine non corretto) or other means to attach it to a life jacket worn by another person to the person who will be throwing themselves into the water from at least 4.5 m without injury or without damaging the life jacket. It must be made in such a way that will allow rescuers to lift the wearer. The design of these items considers that there may be only one way to wear the vest or, as far as possible, not to wear it incorrectly.

The life jackets provided by our Marine Team are accompanied by a rigorous inspection and maintenance service to check the functionality of the watertight valves and seals, buoyancy systems, material expiration dates and the status of wear and tear of the safety clothing and packaging that must protect them and maintain their suitability status.


We provide this service in compliance with SOLAS specifications.

Immersion and survival suits

Usually made in neoprene, the suit is waterproof and can withstand extreme water temperatures. Suits are mainly provided in two colours: red and orange, to ensure the best visibility at sea by rescuers, also thanks to the application of retro-reflective bands.

They can be insulated, non-insulated or wearable with a life jacket. The ease of dressing into them has to be such that they can be unpacked and put on quickly, without any help or outside assistance, and they must allow the person to move, continue to carry out normal operations, maintaining good lateral visibility, as well as allowing climbing, jumping into the water without injury or damage to the suit and swimming for short stretches, to embark on a rescue vehicle, as well as rotating in a position on the back and vice-versa in just a few seconds (even when wearing a life jacket).

The suits cover the whole body except the face, allowing the body temperature to drop by only a few degrees even after prolonged immersion for hours in water with temperature close to 0°C.

There are basically three types of diving suits:

  • A work suit that allows to work on bridges exposed to waves and cold;
  • A second type to be used as a rescue suit and to be worn in an emergency situation
  • A third and final type, inflatable, which covers only a person's hands and legs, thus helping to keep the person afloat and safe in emergency situations. 


Some diving suits have a built-in emergency flashlight, a whistle and a codline, called a buddy line, which can be used to hold multiple people together at sea, and in some cases, a pocket to place the VHF transceiver.


We are able to provide protective clothing and diving suits that comply with the most restrictive international specifications. Suits for diving, survival and dry suits also resistant to flames and heat, are personal protective equipment that we provide as part of a more complete assistance in the choice and definition of conservation protocols. These suits, in fact, must be periodically maintained in order to identify the deterioration of their tightness.


Our Marine Team is able to handle pressure tests according to IMO and SOLAS regulations and the specifications of the navigation companies.


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