While in Milan, Giulio Natta was synthesising polypropylene, a discovery that earned him the Nobel Prize, in the industrial complex of Scanzorosciate, a few kilometres from Bergamo. Ten years after the end of World War II, a company was set up - Polynt - for the production of phthalic anhydride, a compound that was part of the production chain of synthetic materials.
After more than forty years of intense growth, of interweaving acquisitions and mergers that led it to be part of a multinational industrial complex, in the early 1990s the Scanzorosciate plant launched two new systems for the production of trimellitic anhydride and malic acid and a co-generation plant for the production of electrical and thermal energy necessary for the Polynt productions.
Listed in the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, Polynt supplies a wide range of products designed for all the key sectors of the agri-food, biomedical, construction, electronic, logistic and maritime industries.

Ensuring the fire safety of a chemical industry, located in a densely populated area, requires being subjected to a close review of competences.
At Mozzanica we passed the verification with flying colours and were given the task of protecting the TMA process units with flood systems.
A winning team effort between Mozzanica, the client and the engineers of the Factory Mutual - according to which the system is implemented - has allowed us to install more than 1000 nozzles and over 2 km of pipes in extremely short times scales.
One of the keys to this success was the creation of a prefabricated valve house in a container that reduced the installation and out-of-service times of the fire prevention system.
This technology of pre-fitted modules offered Polynt a further valuable advantage in the future: the possibility of scaling and repositioning of the pre-prefabricated units in the event of a change in the plant layout (a significant aspect in an industry such as the chemical one).