Mozzanica has developed an innovative solution for the protection of the automated cold store where Friolog preserves products at -25°C. To keep the cold rooms isolated and to achieve these refrigeration performances it is necessary to make extensive use of insulating materials, in particular polyurethane.
These are materials that offer remarkable insulating performance but which, in the event of ignition, are almost impossible to extinguish. A fire prevention strategy in these cases can only include preventive measures that reduce or cancel the probability of a fire occurring. As it was not possible to eliminate the combustible material and the possibility of ignition was already minimised, all that remained was to act on the comburent, bringing oxygen below the threshold which allows a fire to sustain itself.
Faced with this challenge, Mozzanica launched a project that saw the collaboration of the cell builders and of Fruit Control, our partner with thirty years of experience in oxygen reduction that makes it a leading company in the development of systems for the creation of controlled atmospheres. The oxygen reduction system (ORS) that was developed, created in compliance with the UNI 16750 standard, is based on a distribution system of which Mozzanica holds the patent.