Process management systems, products and skills, for quality and fire safety

The quote by John Ruskin that "Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort", perfectly sums up the vision of Mozzanica in its work approach attitude.

To meet customer needs and to continue to improve, processes, products and skills are constantly audited to ensure compliance with the stringent international standards


International process certifications

Quality management systems


Since 2004, Mozzanica has voluntarily adopted a quality management system that complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard for all company processes, including the design, sale, installation and maintenance of systems and fire-fighting devices created based on different technologies (CO2, inergen, inert gases, sprinklers, foam, flood and water blades).

The processes subject to audit by the Certification Body BUREAU VERITAS ITALIA also include those relating to the construction of pumping stations, hydrant networks, fire and explosive atmosphere detection systems.

Of course, the management procedures also regulate the marketing and maintenance of fire extinguishers and fire-fighter material.

From 2004 to the present, Mozzanica has kept its management system up-to-date with regulatory updates, implementing the 2015 revision of the standard.


National Business Certifications

Fire extinguisher-hydrant maintenance service certification

Mozzanica complies with the voluntary project "ICIM certified maintenance", promoted by UMAN, a Confindustria trade association, of which the company is a member.

The project involves the issuing of a certification by ICIM, an independent Italian certification body, which verifies with regular checks that:

  • the maintenance activity of fire extinguishers and hydrants is performed by competent technical personnel
  • technical personnel use specific equipment that has been correctly calibrated and is appropriate to all the required operations
  • the waste generated by the service is tracked on dedicated registers and disposed of according to the relevant regulations
  • all the contractually agreed operations are performed according to current legislation.

To provide a guarantee to the Customer, an encrypted QR-Code can be found on the maintenance tag, which can be used, through the QRtify app, to access the data relating to the Mozzanica and the ICIM certification references.

Certification of maintenance service of F-GAS fluorinated gas extinguishing systems


Mozzanica has obtained - for fluorinated gas extinguishing systems - certification for installation, maintenance and repair in accordance with the main national and international standards, for fluorinated gas systems; in addition to the service certification, the technical personnel assigned to operating these systems are qualified and therefore included in the ICIM Certified Professionals List.



International business certifications

Terrestrial or marine plant engineering at international level requires a high technical competence that can only be guaranteed by obtaining globally recognised certifications.

Since 2014 Mozzanica has started a qualification process, during which it has obtained the following certifications:


RINA (Italian Naval Register)

Mozzanica holds the certification for inspection and maintenance services for fire-fighting and self-contained breathing apparatus and systems, issued by the Italian Naval Register

LLOYD'S REGISTER (Naval certification body)

Mozzanica has approval as a service provider for the inspection and maintenance of CO2 fire protection equipment and systems that use Water Mist, sprinklers, gas, foam and wet chemicals as well as for high and low pressure hydraulic cylinder tests and for the inspection and maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus, issued by Lloyd's Register

ABS (America Bureau of Shipping)

Mozzanica holds the certification of an external specialist recognised for the inspection and maintenance services of fire-fighting equipment and systems and for the inspection and maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus, issued by America Bureau of Shipping

DNV-GL (Det Norske Veritas & Germanischer Lloyd)

Mozzanica is certified for fire-fighting equipment and systems inspection and maintenance services and for self-contained breathing apparatus inspection and maintenance, issued by Det Norske Veritas & Germanischer Lloyd in accordance with the class programme dnvgl-cp-0484



Personnel Certifications

The new regulations in force in Italy, UNI 9994-2 and UNI 11473-3, have identified the characteristics that the maintenance technician must necessarily have to be able to operate according to the law.


Mozzanica & Mozzanica has certified its own personnel, through the ACCREDIA qualification process, for which it has obtained the following certifications:

Certification of fire extinguisher technicians and fire doors

UNI 9994-2 standard

  • Fire extinguishers maintenance technician
  • Senior fire extinguishers maintenance technician

UNI 11473-3 standard

  • Enforcing maintenance technician
  • Responsible technician

Furthermore, although currently not required by the laws in force, it has voluntarily certified its technicians through the UMAN-ICIM qualification process for the obtaining of:

Certification of hydrant technicians

  • Qualified maintenance technician for fire hydrant networks





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