Almost 40 years

of experience dedicated to

fire protection


A Family owned Company

When setting up a company and deciding to face a challenge head on, you need to have basic principles, objectives, and key foundations on which to base your business.
On this page, we present the origins of our company, what was behind each of our choices and how we want to design our next steps for the future.



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Our history

First Mozzanica lorry in 1987

In 1987 life led Mr. Natale Mozzanica to a necessary decision: to start his own company in the fire prevention sector.

However, goals were soon added to this choice, such as being distinguished in the market for one's skills and abilities, and managing to found a company aimed specifically at the high-risk sector.

Alongside the primary activities of fire prevention maintenance, technical design, and the construction of highly complex systems, Mr. Mozzanica, together with his brothers and armed with the knowledge gained in the industrial sector, began a path leading the company to greatly expand.

Now, the second generation, Jordan and Stacey Mozzanica, have begun the first steps in the handover.

There are even more new goals along the way.


Research and development

Those who live their present well and treasure their past will know how to establish the right path for their future.

It is our opinion that even the last few years, however difficult, have undoubtedly given us great opportunities. Without the challenges that have occurred, without the difficulties, without the unforeseen events, we would not have further understood how necessary it always is to invest in new projects, new solutions, and alternative plans.

Mindful of this "cultural knowledge", the company formulates new business plans every year, monitoring their progress month to month and establishing, where necessary, new operational or improvement lines.

Our interest in innovation and new goals motivates us towards new market research and new potential solutions to remain cutting-edge.




Our moral commitment to the environment is a responsibility that we all must assume and Mozzanica tries to accomplish this in the best possible way.

In fact, our company has invested time and resources to:

  • Better manage the waste material produced by maintenance activities and system installations
  • Focus on the sale of clean extinguishing agents such as Inergen, which, with its very low CO2 concentration, makes it an environmentally friendly gas
  • Best manage the maintenance of firefighting systems with F-GAS, which are damaging to the ozone
  • Invest in a state-of-the-art company fleet and optimize paths of intervention with customers
  • Invest in domotic systems that monitor, measure and optimize the management of company plants
  • Include the purchase and installation of charging stations for electric company vehicles in the budget
  • Outsource workshop and assembly activities to minimize CO2 production

There are other projects and commitments planned for the future, all aimed at protecting the environment.