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Mozzanica has created over 900 systems, 1,000 maintenance systems and has had installed 30,000 fire extinguishers, 8000 hydrants and 5,000 doors. In addition, it boasts a fleet of mobile workshop units with 17 technicians available 24 hours a day, 4 operating branches and coverage across the national territory.




Bracco: A twenty year-long history of fire safety

Settore Pharmaceutical

The hexagon of Bracco is one of those logos that have entered the collective imagination of Italians, evident for almost 90 years on many drugs, over-the-counter products, supplements, medical devices and cosmetics, some even very popular ones.
That logo recalls the plan of the company's first Milanese plant, built in 1930, three years after its foundation; we would need to wait until 1949 for the construction of the new large Lambrate plant, completed in 1953, which still houses the company's headquarters, which, in less than a decade, would be selling on all the markets worldwide.

Today there are many Bracco-branded products, but what has distinguished the company's history has been the development of contrast media. A world leader, in fact, in the production of second-generation non-ionic contrast agents and antituberculosis products, towards the end of the 1980s Bracco created a new large production plant in Ceriano Laghetto (MI). The company was ready for four decades of acquisitions of pharmaceutical companies and for the opening of divisions and subsidiaries around the world. Today the company is an international leader in diagnostic imaging and is able to offer a product portfolio and solutions for all diagnostic modes.

Mozzanica has been present in Bracco with several products for over twenty years and has continued, since then, to offer its own maintenance service.
One of these is the construction of a structure engineered by Mozzanica to suction from an existing water basin at the Ceriano Laghetto (MB) site.
The core of Bracco's fire protection system is in fact a pumping station, built in accordance with NFPA 20, assembled in a container, containing an electric pump and a 640 m3 vertical axis motor pump at 8.5 bar.




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