Over 30 years of experience dedicated to fire protection

Mozzanica is a company specialised in fire-fighting techniques and systems established in 1987 inspired by the enterprising spirit of the Mozzanica brothers.

The collaboration with the Wormald Italiana and Incom Brandshutz companies was fundamental for those years

The time dedicated and the vast experience acquired also in the industrial field quickly resulted in the Company expanding, supporting the primary activity of fire prevention maintenance, technical design and the creation of highly complex systems.



The Mozzanica stages


Born from the passion of the Mozzanica brothers, as a small artisan enterprise, Mozzanica&Mozzanica was, from the beginning, a dynamic and concrete business.


The first few years were marked by pressing growth, which required the identification of a new location, moving the company from the "farmhouse" of Olgiate Molgora to the Calco site; a growth born of commitment and collaborations that were being woven both with small partner companies and with multinationals such as Wormald Italiana, Incom Brandschutz and CEA Estintori.


The trust of these partners was won by combining craftsmanship with a rigorous methodological approach. It was this distinctive trait that allowed Mozzanica&Mozzanica to be able to manage the most innovative plant typologies for the times and to be accredited with a clientèle that demanded high standards of quality and safety. In a virtuous circle, it was these same customers that drove Mozzanica&Mozzanica to create structure, transforming the enterprise from a general partnership into a limited liability company.


The entry into UMAN, the association of the Confindustria galaxy that brings together the manufacturers of fire-fighting materials, was a logical consequence of the role of being an important actor on the fire-fighting scene.


Mozzanica&Mozzanica which, for other two years, would still not be affected by the effects of the international crisis, was preparing to withstand the impact by investing in innovative products and services, developing a computerised service, acquiring advanced tools for managing activities, from design to service and focusing commercially on water-based fire extinguishers.


However, while the international crisis affected everyone, not all were able to resist the temptation to lower quality to maintain market share.  Mozzanica&Mozzanica chose a different path; more risky perhaps but, in the long term, one with greater vision. It started a targeted purchasing campaign involving managers and technicians with proven skills. The new commercial management supported the owners in a radical reorganisation process. These were the years during which the branch office of Abbiategrasso opened and the ISO 9001 Certification was obtained


A fundamental step in the reorganisation was the opening of the Naval Division, around a number of managerial figures, a highly targeted move by the company. Entering the naval fire-fighting market required opening of the US headquarters.


The assumption of the presidency - for two terms, followed by a third with a past president - by Natale Mozzanica was the career recognition dedicated to fire protection. Meanwhile in the company the staff continued to grow in number and skills and Mozzanica&Mozzanica obtained the ICIM Certification for fire maintenance service.


Natale Mozzanica was re-elected President of UMAN. His association and representation of the category towards the highest leaders of the Fire Brigade and of Ministries responsible for fire safety was facilitated by the consolidation of a group of managers who supported him and who guaranteed solid guidance of the company.


Mozzanica&Mozzanica is a company of people; it is in fact a mix between the entrepreneurial vision of the owners, the abilities of the managerial group and the skills of a carefully chosen and trained personnel, which has allowed it to conquer an industrial dimension in terrestrial fire-fighting and expansion in the naval fire-fighting market.

Dimensions requiring a new strategy required leaving Calco for the new Osnago site

The story continue...

Internationalisation and research - from the digitalisation of plant management to the development of cutting-edge plant typologies with a Mozzanica&Mozzanica patent - are the frontiers in which the company is currently engaged and what will set it apart in the future.




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